Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento (Montevideo) – located two hours west of Montevideo (via Ruta 1), this town was originally settled by the Portuguese in 1680, and before the early 1800s, constantly changed hands between the Spaniards and the Portuguese (before becoming part of the independent nation of Uruguay).

This town, which is on the Rio de la Plata and faces Buenos Aires, can be reached from there via ferry boat. It is best-known for its historic district, which is a World Heritage Site. With the 17th century Portuguese-built cobble stoned streets still present, the points of interest found there include:

● Portón de Campo (city gate and wooden bridge)

● 17th century Convent of San Francisco and lighthouse

● the stone-built Basilica de Santísimo Sacramento (constructed by the

Portuguese in 1808).

● Portuguese Museum (house in an 18th century building which exhibits

various Portuguese pieces of furniture, jewelry, uniforms and Portuguese

naval maps.

● Casa de Nacarello (a Portuguese home from the 18th century)

● Casa de Almirante Brown (exhibiting artifacts and documents from the

Various periods of Spanish and Portuguese rule).

For those arriving from across the Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires), the following services provide ferry boat transportation to Colonia del Sacramento:;;